Radon Mitigation System Installation

Protect Your Household From Radon

Protect Your Household From Radon

Install a radon mitigation system for your family in Westminster, CO

Has a test detected high levels of radon in your house? If so, then it's important to set up a radon mitigation system as soon as possible to protect your family's health. Colorado Radon Company LLC performs radon mitigation system installations in Westminster, CO and surrounding areas. With a reliable system, you won't have to worry about high radon levels in your home.

Hire our team right away to install a quiet, efficient system. You'll get a 100% guarantee to reduce radon levels below 4.0 picocuries per liter for 30 years, plus a test kit.

What's in a radon mitigation system?

You need a radon mitigation system that matches your home specifications. Our systems meet or exceed ASTM E2121 radon mitigation standards while containing a variety of high-quality components, including a:


  • Schedule 40 discharge 6 mil pipe with fittings and heavy-duty white rubber couplings and stainless steel band clamps.
  • Clear, quarter-inch polycarbonate sump lid, if needed.
  • Polyurethane-based plastic sealant, if necessary.
  • Festa Radon Technologies Co. AMG series fan.




Our sealant will protect your crawl space system from water damage. You'll get a 30-year service warranty from our contractor on everything but the fan, which comes with a 7-year warranty. To find out more about our radon mitigation system installation services or warranties, contact our company owner today.