Radon Mitigation System Services

Rest Easy Knowing Your Radon Mitigation System Is Working

Rest Easy Knowing Your Radon Mitigation System Is Working

We handle radon mitigation system maintenance in Westminster, CO

You know that your radon mitigation system does an important job in your house, but how do you know exactly how well it's doing? Because radon is invisible and odorless, you can't tell on your own when your radon mitigation system starts to fail. Fortunately, Colorado Radon Company LLC has a solution. You can turn to us for radon mitigation system testing services in Westminster, CO.

If you got your radon mitigation system installed by us, you have a 30-year service warranty. Your warranty covers all parts of the system except for the fan, which came with a 7-year warranty. You can call on us any time to perform radon mitigation system testing.

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Keep your radon mitigation system in peak condition

If we find that your system needs a little bit of work to function at its best, you can schedule our radon mitigation system maintenance services. Like any other system or appliance, your radon mitigation system's maintenance work is necessary in order to make sure it stays efficient and effective. Contact us today to find out what we can do to maintain your system.